We shot this during the first week after the lockdown of COVID19 was lifted. It was a unique experience to be in a public place in this kind of situation. The team did a killer job on creating this piece and we are really happy with the results.

MODEL: Elise Hoogerdijk

DIR/VID: Peter Baerveldt

Camera: Lars van der Put

Music: Sjoerd Limberger

MUA: Juul Kowsoleea

Styling: Yonne Hendriks

fotografie: Evianne Wiegers

We shot this using the following equipment:

A-Cam: RED Raven 4.5k

B-Cam: Blackmagic pocket cinem 6k


Lenses : Sigma Cine 18-35 t2 & 50mm T1.5

Samyang 16mm vdslr

Canon 24-70mm f2.8

Monitor: Atomos Inferno

wireless: Paralinx ACE SDI & HDMI kit

Focusmotor: Tilta Nucleus M & Nucleus Nano

Gimbal: DJI Ronin S

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